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Black Tuesday

I was at Best Buy today (Tuesday) and there were two people camping outside for Black Friday. That's a three-day wait, by my count.
Firstly, I thought what great publicity that was. Even if I had no interest in their Black Friday deals, I'd still give them another look - here's some people who think they're worth sitting in a tent for 72 hours. If I ran a Best Buy, I'd pay people to camp out just to make it look like my deals were that awesome - you know, better than 1% of your entire year.

Secondly, I realized how long it's been since I had three days I could waste like that. (And it is - the 20 minutes of actual shopping they do may be great, but the three days of waiting is wasted). I never camped out in line, and the last time I had that kind of time, I couldn't afford a TV. (Didn't have one for a few years - how do you think I had so much free time?). Now? I've been meaning to update the You Say it First FAQ for months. It says the answer to "Are Kimberly and Brisbane sleeping together?" is "Probably not". They've been married for a year and a half now, and trust me, it would've come up if they weren't. We owe you a con report from two weeks ago. The only reason this is getting written tonight is because it's rather time-sensitive.

I was telling Isabel all this (I talk a lot. If it's good, I write it down.) She reminds me, "You do realize you went to Strategicon about three months ago, right?".

"Well, yeah. Three days of gaming. But I didn't get to play the first day."

"And whose fault is that?"

"Mine. And I could have bought a TV instead, but my point stands".

Anyhow, if they started a game now, I bet they could get to ninth level by the time the sale starts.

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