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The first two entries mostly concern various changes of mood and acceptance of the past. The third, finally, touches on stuff that actually happened. If you read our comics, you will find this entirely appropriate. Most of our big stories were more internal than external.

So, what happened in comics?

Tipper and Charles finished getting married. Falco, Isaac, Cedric, and Joy's relationships went from less complicated, to more complicated and appear to have stabilized, at least for the moment. Falco and Cedric moved to Durri, then moved in with Taimoor and Dahlia. Joan started going out with Gabby, moved in with Tipper and Charles, and
did some remodeling. Isaac met Joy's family, and spent some time with his niece

You Say it First has added Caleb's manager, Michelle Hickman (note to self: put her last name in the comic some time) and Bram (note to self: give him a last name). Sofia and Patrick broke up. Dan and Lola seem to have hit it off. At least one of the lounge guys is good at something. Brisbane and Kimberly finally redecorated their apartment. And Brisbane and Kimberly have a better understanding of their pasts.

And there have been quite a few Spare Parts comics over at NamirDeiter.net. Todd and Shandra's relationship appears to have made significant progress.

We'll have an offsite backup within a week or two (30 DVDs! And it'd be more if we still had the high-quality files for the first few years of ND and Unlike Minerva).

There were some issues with NamirDeiter.net last night; everybody had to log back in. This was because I set the cookies to expire on January 1, 2010. Back when I designed it, this seemed far enough in the future that I'd never have to worry about it. Or far enough in the future that I'd be able to install a more elegant fix before the deadline hit. My point is that the indefinite future became the definite future.

We've got a lot planned for the next year. Including finally updating the cast page and FAQ in You Say it First, finishing up the FBAORPG arc over at NamirDeiter.net. I've got ideas for two large arcs and one medium one, once the Singles Cruise reaches port. We're going to take vacations; we're still discussing the details, but expect us to take a week off in some form. We're going to look into reprinting our old books, opening the store, and maybe getting some new books made. Then there's the secret plans. And I'm going to play through Super Mario: RPG.

Happy New Year

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